hello there! i'm courtney the head florist and founder of fox & fern. we are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. we also have an amazing team of talented florists here at fox & fern.

you can always find me here at fox & fern creating fun and new ideas with flowers or at home cuddled up with my cat, oliver (the fox of fox & fern). i love everything that has to do with animals, flowers, or anything that gets me out in nature.

i have always been inspired by nature and have always had an awe for all things flowers. i am a big nerd when it comes to flowers and will spend most my nights reading books about them and googling the names on the internet to see all the different variations and colors of that flower there are. 

my main goal in all of our creations is to open the eyes of everyone to look around at what this world has to offer. We live in such a beautiful place that sometimes gets overlooked or not appreciated the way it is meant to be. "Stop and smell the roses." 

i am so glad i found something that I can truly let my creative juices flow.  Let's create something beautiful together.

"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together"